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Welcome to Reiki Bloom

Discover the magic of Reiki in Los Angeles

Amber Arrigotti_Reiki MasterA_Los Angele

Amber Arrigotti

Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master and member of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

As a master of Reiki in Los Angeles, I'd love to tell you a little about myself and my journey to become a Reiki healer.

I long to serve those who came before me who believe in energy for healing as a lifestyle, and those that will come after me that continue to bring it into the mainstream. My purpose is to share the art of what Reiki is and the benefits of Reiki therapy, along with being a spiritual resource as an oracle card reader, energetic Cord cleanser–leveraging energy for healing to its fullest potential.

My promise to you

As a practitioner, I strive to serve my community by sharing the beauty of Reiki in Los Angeles, and beyond through virtual reiki sessions. I've devoted my life to spreading and revealing our most magnificent self and power. 


I am constantly opening myself to new energy healing modalities. Reiki has always allowed for creative new ways to show itself and merge with other healing forms. If you are shy, or new to the idea of self-healing, I know that the energy will come to present itself in a way that is specialized and perfect for only you. 


Where depression and addictions do not serve us, the power of Reiki benefits our life force to lift guilt and shame we may hold. Together, we can expand to touch those we love and pass by, with full hearts and compassion for truth and growth.


This is changing the world.

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The benefits of Reiki
Frozen Field

The benefits of Reiki

Learn more about energy healing
Cleanse of the chakras and auras

Reiki helps us to align with life force energy that can help us through challenging times when we feel we are too depleted to take on a situation. This life force goes by many names; Qi in China, Ki in Japan, and Prana in India.


When your life energy is low you are more susceptible to illness, stress, and sleepless nights. Reiki energy is administered through the hands of the reiki practitioner to the client. Reiki energy allows muscles to relax, and increases blood flow to treated areas, which then quickens the healing process.

Experience and promote self-love

Experiencing a Reiki session is a huge demonstration of self-love and care.


Your energy and body will always support you on your journey to loving yourself.

Recognize and take charge of unwanted patterns and addictions

Not a cure for patterns and addictions, or replacement for traditional treatment, Reiki is a complementary alternative medicine that works wonders when used alongside other modalities.


Reiki helps to make the process of changing patterns less painful for the physical and emotional body by keeping the body calm, energized, and focused on the intention and goal at hand. 


Reiki also will help to remove the blocks from old traumas that may be keeping one in a pattern of behavior or feeling.

Evolve alongside new healing modalities

I have a growing love and connection with Shamanic practice which has shown me how to create and expand relationships with guides, spirit helpers, and the angelic realms.


These connections reveal insight and healing to past lives, the present, and to the future. 

Clear spaces and places within life

Through the benefits of Reiki, we can clear spaces that feel heavy, or lack of positive energy–office, shop, home, or any other space that has you feeling drained and uninspired.


Home is meant to be a place of replenishment, grounding, and peace. When we are unable to go home to a space that is filled with this energy and protection, we then go off into the world with less life force energy than desired.

Learn more through the words of others

“Amber is a light who has guided me through so many transformative moments in my life. She radiates love and positivity. I always leave our sessions feeling so much lighter and openminded. Whether it’s hands-on Reiki sessions or FaceTime guided meditations, I cannot recommend working with Amber enough!”

— E.M.

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Currently I am traveling and moving through the PNW, serving from The San Juan Islands, Seattle and Portland Oregon areas. As well as down through Southern California.. Most sessions currently are virtual,   

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